Hanging Hardware


The Twist-On Series ceiling display ring mount – White Plastic is a patented design connector for heavy-duty use on any 1″ standard ceiling grid and will fit flush to the cross bar.

Mini Twist-On
The Mini Twist-On Ceiling Hanger – 6′ and 8′ White or Black Cotton Cord with barbed end is a patented “all in one” solution for the hanging of light signs, banners and displays from a standard 1″ ceiling grid.

7206W – Mini Twist-On 6′ White
7208W – Mini Twist-On 8′ White

The Hook and Cord attaches to drop ceiling grids or poles and comes with an attached at one end white or black cotton barbed cord that is 6′ or 8′ in length that can be lengthened or shortened depending upon your display needs and conveniently wound upon the hooks base.

Rotating Ceiling Hooks

The Rotating Ceiling Hooks are an economical and easy solution to hang your display to any standard 1″ ceiling grid for quick installation and removal.

7550 – Rotating Ceiling Hook

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