Literature, Borchure and Pamphlet Holders

Introducing the all NEW
DCCB-37755075 Pop-Up Coupon Box

The DCCB-3755075 is made from 20 mil. rigid vinyl and is able to accommodate literature up to 3 1/4″W. Shipped in bundles of 20 (flat) includes 1 strip of permanent foam adhesive tape on top. Versatile uses for pamphlets, tri-folds, coupons etc.can be mounted flush or off the retail shelf. Keeps material standing upright with slope front for easy access and has a dramatic cost savings compared to molded holders.

Die-Cut Literature Holders are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for whatever your application needs and can be customized to whatever size you require if you buy them in bulk. Each display is made from Die-Cut Vinyls to hold your brochure or advertisement securely for a low-cost but high quality display that will give plenty of dedicated service for its lifespan.

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