Shelf Card and Sign Holders


From Die-Cut Vinyl Card holders and Shelf Signage clips for differing thickness to adhesive backed sign holders that can be used on countertops or other clean flat surfaces. Our Card and Sign holders for retail are made from the highest quality plastics for a durable and flexible advertising solution.

Card and Sign Holders from Merchandising Inventives


Banner Stands from Merchandising Inventives


A banner stand draws attention to your displays by allowing you to place bold
graphics where you need them. Pole stands display your printed graphics with ease and are the most affordable type of displays. Our banner stand displays are also easy to set up so you can be fully assembled quickly.

Banner Stands from Merchandising Inventives

Telescoping Lifter Poles


Installing ceiling displays can be time consuming and dangerous if you aren’t using the correct tools. Our telescoping lifter poles are made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum tubing and come in two variants. Our first telescoping lifter pole is ideal for standard ceiling stores and can extend from 3′ to 10′. Its size and break down capability make it easy to use.
Our second telescoping lifter pole is an ideal choice for big box or superstores with an extension range of 8′ to over 18′. Each pole comes complete with our patented socket system that works with standardized ceiling hardware.

Telescoping Lifter Poles from Merchandising Inventives

Wall Mounting Signage


Our wall mounting signage displays are a stylish way to promote your products.
Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to fit your store or business decor.
Curved wall mounting signs have a curved shape to accentuate your products and promotions. Each curved wall mounting sign has a protective lens to keep your signs and poster protected. Metal snap frames are a sleek wall mounting displays that snap open and closed. They are available in black or silver finishes.

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Small Quantities Point-of-Purchase Supplies for Retail


P.O.P. Superstore is a branch of Merchandising Inventives, known throughout the point-of-purchase industry as one of the original innovators of P.O.P products for the retail industry. Inside this website, you’ll find all the same great products you need for merchandising that are usually only available in bulk quantities from other companies. P.O.P. Superstore carries a wide variety of products for your ceiling, shelf and floor display requirements at discount prices in smaller quantities.

Countertop Display Stands


Our countertop signage displays are a stylish way to promote your products. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to fit your store or business decor.
Tabletop signage displays have a curved shape that gives a stylized feel to your products. Each display has a protective lens to keep your signs and posters protected.

 The stands are made from aluminum with a 4″ riser and pedestal for a professional look.

Countertop Signage Displays from Merchandising Inventives

Banner Hangers


Merchandising Inventives carries a wide selection of the most popular styles of banner and poster display hangers. We carry displays manufactured from wooden doweling, durable plastics and aluminum for extra durability. Our plastic and aluminum display banner/poster hangers come in standard lengths of 24″, 36″ and 48″.

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