Heavy Duty Card & Sign Holders


Our Heavy Duty Card and Sign Holders display a message clearly from either side, while adhesive tape attached to the bottom holds it securely. Now introducing the MIGCH-6A.  This was created due to popular demand of our number one selling MIGCH-3A card and sign holder.

Heavy Duty Card & Sign Holders from Merchandising Inventives


Get your message across


Banner Hangers and Signage Displays

Banners are one of the best ways to draw attention to your products. Whether you hang them from the ceiling or mount them to your windows, banners draw attention to your product economically and easily.

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Brochure, Pamphlet and Literature Holders


Merchandising Inventives carries a wide selection of the most popular styles of clear acrylic brochure, pamphlet and literature holders for shelf and counter top displays. From the open style literature pockets to the formed acrylic counter top style. Each acrylic display is made from high quality acrylics and can be manufactured  in additional colors for any point-of-purchase requirement.

Brochure and Literature Holders from Merchandising Inventives

Suction Cups from Merchandising Inventives


Suction Cups for retail display are one of merchandising’s most popular and versatile items for hanging displays. We are a supplier of suction cups for retail and carry:

Suction Cups come in sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 2-1/2″ and are made of clear vinyl that works on clean smooth metal, plastic or glass surfaces.

Suction Cups from Merchandising Inventives

Shelf Talkers and Wobblers


Shelf Talkers or Wobbler sign holders are used wherever you want your advertisement to “leap out” from the shelf or display. Their design allows for one end to be affixed to your location while the other end supports the card or display and “wobbles” when touched.

We carry two distinct types, the standard tapered model and the wobbler with pocket. The wobbler with pocket is a sign holder with a pocket attached.

Shelf Talkers & Wobblers from Merchandising Inventives

Double C-Hooks from the P.O.P. Superstore


Double C-Hooks are a heavy-duty solution for the mounting of banners, signage and other ceiling displays. Each C-Hook is made from 3/32″ diameter steel wire with two permanently formed “C”s on either end.

Double C-Hooks are available in standardized lengths including 4″, 6″, 12″, and 24″. They are sold in bundles.

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