9 Ways To Support Your Display Banners


Organize your retail displays with the versatile S-Hook. The 7045R1.7 1-7/8″ 10 Ga. Steel S-Hook is used to support and suspend medium-weight signage or banners, ceiling fixtures, connectors or double C-Hooks.

Merchandising Inventives, Inc. offers a wide variety of display hooks, from S-Hooks to Double C-Hooks. Durable S-Hooks can be used with ceiling fixtures, ceiling connectors or attached to Double C-Hooks and are stocked in a full variety of sizes.


Retail Shelf Management

Keeping products organized and identified on your shelves can be a daunting task. With Merchandising Inventives, your job just got easier. We are a supplier and manufacturer of popular types of retail shelf management hardware including arrow clips, J-hooks, shelf sign clips, and inventory control products.