Attract customers with sign holders that wobble.


Sign holders that wobble.
The 8505 Flex T-Mount is a cost-effective flex-easel that attaches to a standard 1-1/4″ price channel.

The WSH-6 6″ Wobbler Sign Holder 10 mil. thick sign holder with adhesive on both ends.



Monofilament Cords for Retail


Barbed Cords from Merchandising Inventives, Inc. are one of the most economical ways to attach lightweight signage and displays to ceiling and shelving displays. The cords can be made to any length you specify, and can be custom fitted with multiple “branches” which are ideally made for ceiling displays with multiple attachment points. All of our barbed cords for retail are designed for indoor applications.

We manufacture barbed cords in cotton, elastic and clear monofilament on site.

Merchandising Inventives makes products stand out


Merchandising Inventives Inc. in Buffalo Grove started back in the 1940s in the heyday of Chicago advertising as the S.J. Berger ad agency.

“Mr. Berger believed the ceiling, shelf and floor all centered around retail for point of purchase (or POP),” said Ethan Berger, chief executive officer and president.

The “Mr. Berger” he is speaking of is Sol Berger, the founder and his late father.

And his presence is felt and revered here, deeply. Many longtime employees worked for him and he is referred to, often. Even Ethan Berger refers to the founder as “Mr. Berger” more than “my father” or “my dad.”

Read more in the Chicago Tribune article.

5 Essential display hardware clips


The 1/2″ Ratchet Rivet in Natural Color – 3/4″ Headchannel.

The 1-3/4″ Clear Suction Cup w/Tack is a semi-permanent attaching system that works especially well on glass.

The Push Fastener Dart Clip are used to secure displays on panels with round holes in a rangefrom 1/8″ to 1/4″.

The Christmas Tree Clip In Black Plastic – 7/8″ Long are designed for use with displays with 1/4″ sized holes.

Arrowhead Thumbsnaps – 1/4″ L are designed for use with 1/4″ holes to secure messages to displays, banners etc. and work well with their arrow-shaped design.

3 ways to secure your signs

Sign holders for counter, shelf & wall applications.


The MIGCH-3A 3″ Heavy Duty Card and Sign Holder for flat surfaces with adhesive – Holds 3/16″ to 1/4″ thick print material.

The 9032 Shelf Channel Clip Sign Holder is an Co-Extrusion sign holder that snaps securely into any standard 1-1/4″ price channel and will hold any sign perpendicular to the shelf.

The FLSH-1 Flush Sign Holder – 1″ is an ideal solution for hanging signs. The unique Co-extrusion manufacturing process gives the unit a strong outer shell with soft PVC grips inside to securely hold your sign material.

3 ways to display your signage

signage-social-sizeHave your message standout with our banner and signage stands.

Signage display stands are great for displaying single or double sided graphics. Held together with carriage bolts and wing nuts the signage mounts can hold up any sign board that can support it’s own weight. 

The Retractable Banner Display Stand is an excellent long-term solution for the displaying your single sided advertising display banners. This 1 sided banner stand can adjust from 36″ to 96″ in height and can quickly be put up and taken down for transporting from one event to the next.

9 Ways To Support Your Display Banners


Organize your retail displays with the versatile S-Hook. The 7045R1.7 1-7/8″ 10 Ga. Steel S-Hook is used to support and suspend medium-weight signage or banners, ceiling fixtures, connectors or double C-Hooks.

Merchandising Inventives, Inc. offers a wide variety of display hooks, from S-Hooks to Double C-Hooks. Durable S-Hooks can be used with ceiling fixtures, ceiling connectors or attached to Double C-Hooks and are stocked in a full variety of sizes.